Pagan Beats & Pacient X88 // She´s a star

by madwienrecordings

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released January 11, 2012

Written by Mario Lepera.
Original production by Mario Lepera [Pagan Beats].
Remix and additional production by Xavier Bordera Benaiges [Pacient X88].



all rights reserved
Track Name: She´s a star (Vocal)
Nobody knows her but she´s famous,
nobody knows her but she´s a star.

Nobody knows her in real life,
she doesn´t care, she makes it up.

She can fake how many people like her,
she can fake it all, she fakes it all.

Millions and millions visit her space,
hundreds of thousands play her songs.

She got a manager who really really like girlies like her
and he got her stages in all the festivals.

Now you see her singing in front of thousands,
now she´s a real star.

A real star, although nobody knows her,
nobody knows her but she´s a star.

This is what you´re buying,
this is what your buying, yes!

What you think it´s real you´d better check it out,
you´d better check it out.

Unreal realities,
unreal realities.

Don´t believe in everything.
Track Name: She´s a star (Instrumental)